Couples seek counseling for a wide variety of reasons spanning from crisis to enrichment. Whether you have been married for 25 years, just slipped the rings onto your fingers, or have just made your dating relationship official, counseling can help. Every romantic relationship is the intertwining of two terribly complex and confusing stories into one even more complex and confusing story. Unfortunately two difficult stories don’t make an easier one.

Marriage is meant to be a place where a husband calls forth and fights for the beauty, courage, and redemption of his wife’s heart. It is meant to be a relationship where a wife invites the strength and passion from the depths of her husband’s soul. Very few relationships reflect such design. The shameful lie of “I am not enough” all too often gets the final word. Loneliness and disconnection replace intimacy, connection, and playful laughter.

There is hope for your relationship. Couples counseling offers the potential to explore your journey together in hopes of rediscovering and restoring intimacy, vulnerability, and trust. Will it be hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

I work with both married and dating couples to restore the life back into your relationship.

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