Inviting Intimacy

For the Woman who has Lost Heart


About the Book

The hearts of many women are deeply injured, killing hopes for intimacy. Our past still lives in the present.

Whether inflicted by others or our own choices, the resulting lies of shame numb love physically and harden us spiritually. But there is hope: we can feel again. As we invite God into the most sacred parts of our story, lies are rewritten, desire is found, and wholehearted intimacy discovered.

Praise for Inviting Intimacy
“Marian’s naked honesty about her war with her own shame, body, and interior life are a generous gift. Luke guides us through Marian’s storytelling (and our own) with the eyes of an artist and the skill of a surgeon. Let this book reach in and stir your longing to love from a whole heart.” -Jan Proett, author of Listening to Love and The Allure of Hope

“Inviting Intimacy is my top recommendation for the many women who, sadly, find that faithfulness in their relationships doesn’t automatically restore the sexual pleasure they expected.” -Marnie C. Ferree, author of No Stones- Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction and director of Bethesda Workshops, Nashville, TN

“Marian Green and Luke Brasel graciously and wisely guide readers from the false security of survival toward the courageous life of intimacy with self, others, and God. If you want to live more fully from your heart, this book can help.” -Stephen James, LPH-MHSP, NCC, Execute Director of Sage Hill Counseling and author of Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

“Ever since Adam sinned and hid, God has been calling humankind from our hiding places. Every generation needs honest storytellers to remind us that it is not only safe to emerge from our hiding places, but overcoming our fear of being known is the only way we can experience healing. Through story and insightful reflection, Marian and Luke encourage and guide us toward that healing journey.” -Phillip Robinson, pastor and director of Integrity House Counseling Center