I co-facilitate a number of weekly story processing groups. To be honest, it is difficult to describe them. When anyone asks, I feebly attempt to illustrate the power of group and eventually say, “You just have to experience it.”  What I can tell you is something magically hopeful and redemptive happens when men and women gather together to feel honestly and tell the truth in love.

Relationships carry the power to harm and bless, and healing is impossible without relationship. We are made to know others and be known. Any resistance to being known stems from our story. We do not want to risk the injury and shame of broken relationship. To allow ourselves to be known is likely the scariest thing we will ever do. It takes immense courage to actively seek out healing relationship. And the rewards carry the potential to change our lives.

People join groups for various reasons, some of which are listed below.

Groups exist for those who…

  • feel stuck.
  • seek personal growth and transformation.
  • hope to connect emotionally.
  • desire or require another form of therapy rather than individual counseling.
  • want to journey deeper into themselves, others, and God.
  • have realized their strategies to make life work have failed.
  • hunger to more deeply understand their story and how they act it out in relationships.
  • yearn to see how we interact with others is also how we interact with God.

We cannot change without the honest and loving experience of others. Without this relational feedback, the best we may hope for is status quo…for the rest of our lives. Men and women join our groups for different reasons. If you relate with any of the above, consider joining a group.

Current Processing Groups

Women’s Group- Wednesday Evening, 5:00-6:30 PM

Men’s Group – Friday Morning, 7:00-8:30 AM

Groups are ongoing, meet on a weekly basis, and range between 5-8 members.

In addition to the groups listed above, I do offer short term groups from time to time, especially in the event that an organization or church staff desires to pursue individual growth for personnel, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and improve the emotional and spiritual environment in the workplace. Please contact me if you are interested in this process.

Ready to start the process?

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